Grouped transformations

Grouped transformations

abstract type GroupedTransformation <: ContinuousTransformations.ContinuousTransformation

Abstract type for grouped transformations.

A grouped transformation takes a vector, and transforms contiguous blocks of elements to some output type, determined by the specific transformation type.

All subtypes support

  • length: return the length of the vector that can be used as an argument

  • callable object for the transformation

  • logjac, and inverse,

  • domain and image, which may have specific interpretation for their result types depending on the concrete subtype.


A tuple of ContinuousTransformations. Given a vector of matching length, each takes as many reals as needed, and returns the result as a tuple.

ArrayTransformation(transformation, dims)
ArrayTransformation(transformation, dims...)

Apply transformation to a vector, returning an array of the given dimensions.

domain, image, and isincreasing return the corresponding values for the underlying transformation.


Return the transformation from a wrapper object.