Blog redesign 2.0

2017/09/29 emacs Hugo

I have redesigned my blog (again), mainly tweaking the CSS and hopefully achieving better support on small screens (which are still not ideal for math, but now you should get a red warning float at the bottom).

I also re-did the feed code so that it would render better on Now the whole content of each post should be scraped seamlessly, and appear correctly. However, the only way to test the whole toolchain is to do it live, and I apologize if something is still not perfect and you get bogus updates (BTW, this post should not show up in the Julia feed).

Highlights of the changes:

  1. responsive design,

  2. nicer fonts,

  3. line breaks in MathJax when necessary and supported,

  4. better highlighting (Julia now looks especially nice),

  5. embedded code blocks with a download link,

  6. better image placement,

  7. Emacs screenshots now use a branch of emacs-htmlize, which hopefully gets merged soon.

As always, the source code for the whole site is available.

site not optimized for small screens, math may break