Blog redesign

2017/06/12 blogging

I am in the process of rebuilding my personal website using Hugo. I tried various themes, including hugo-academic, but in the process of adapting them to my needs I realized that it is less work to write one from scratch.

The result is now 80% ready (blog works, automatic listing of research papers will take some more work), and the source is on Github. It is available under the CC-BY-SA license, feel free to adapt parts from it, not that there is anything special in there.

Hugo is really an excellent framework, it is clean, logical, and allows a lot of code reuse. I wasted spent most of the time on fiddling with CSS, and I am still not 100% satisfied with the result, but at some point I decided to stop. SCSS was extremely useful for writing organized CSS.

I am especially satisfied with moving the code highlighting to the generator side. The only non-static parts are now Disqus and MathJax.

site not optimized for small screens, math may break