Blogging with Hugo, Julia, Weave.jl

2017/03/30 julia blogging Weave Hugo

I have made a PR to Weave.jl which Matti Pastell kindly merged recently. This allows a relatively smooth workflow for blogging using the static website generator Hugo, and generating some pages with plots and evaluated Julia results. I made the source for my blog available so that others can use it for their own blogging about Julia. An example is this post.

The gist of the workflow is as follows:

  1. for posts which do not need Weave, just use Hugo. Make sure you read their excellent tutorial. This very fast.

  2. for posts which contain Julia code and generated plots, use a script to generate a skeleton file in a separate directory, and work on that. Call another script to generate the .md file using Weave.jl. This is the slow part, so it is not automated.

The README gives more details. Feel free to ask questions here. If you have a better workflow, I would like to hear about it.

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