Checking uncommitted changes when opening a file in Emacs

2017/11/18 emacs magit

Alas, the following happens all too frequently: I am working on code, some interruption happens, and I fail to commit the changes coherently into the repository.

Next time I open the file, perhaps to work on some other feature, I forget that I have uncommitted changes and work on something new. When staging, I realize the mistake and have to spend time disentangling the mess.

The following Emacs Lisp snippet takes care of this problem by checking for uncommitted changes and taking me to the magit popup if there is something I should deal with:

(cl-defun tkpapp/check-file-and-popup (&optional (file (buffer-file-name)))
  "If the file is version controlled with git and has uncommitted
changes, open the magit status popup."
  (require 'magit-core)
  (when (and file (magit-anything-modified-p t file))

(add-hook 'find-file-hook 'tkpapp/check-file-and-popup)
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